Never deteriorate Your Self Identity

  • Never deteriorate Your Self Identity

Have you ever thought why some people achieve what they want  and many keep on struggling?

It is because, we often get to prone to Identity Loss syndrome. What we think of Ourself plays vital role in our life. See the mirror and identify how you see yourself?




Sometimes our parents, peers, mentor gives us identity. For instance, some parents says “You are rascal” that means they are giving negative identity to children. So, being parents, peer and mentors we should always give positive identity to our Children or students.
Let’s explain this with some examples:

1. O’Nemi The Wave:

There was a wrestler in Japan his name was O’Nemi. He was very skilled wrestler and was very tuff to defeat. He won almost all the matches of Wrestling. But once someone told him that his Game is not as before. He is looser. He created his low self image and guess what, he started loosing the matches. He lost the match even from his own students. Then he approached his Guru who identified that he is suffering from Identity loss syndrome . His Guru gave him new identity, “You are The Wave, O’Nemi The Wave, You are champion “. Then O’Nemi returned to arena and started winning the wrestling matches. After getting new identity of ‘O’Nemi The Wave’ he never lost a single match.

Was O’Nemi incompetent Wrestler? Certainly Not. He lost his matches because he created his identity of looser.

2. Arjuna the Greatest warrior : (more…)


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